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fiber art: waterscapes

Triggerfish, 51.5" x 42.5"

appeared at Art Quilts Lowell at the Brush Gallery, Ma.

private collection

Crab-itat- 2013 donation to the SAQA benefit auction

Purple Urchin 24x18

Echinoderm, 15x30"

Sand Dollar Spectrum, 49x68"

"Legacies in Fiber" Ft. Collins, Co. award winner

Private collection

Storm at Sea, 18x24"

Coral Sea, 56x48"

Prizewinner at AQS Paducah, exhibited at TIQE in Taiwan.

Face/Off 21x42"

Private collection. Ireland

Garibaldi 50x19.5"

Appeared at Art Quilts Lowell at the Brush Gallery

private collection

Coral Spawn, 45"x 18"

Private collection

Medusa, 45" x 18"

Appeared in "Deep Spaces"

Fish Eye View, 46" x 18"

Awarded Best Wall Quilt at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival, 2011

Private collection

Toupee the Turtle, 21" x 32"

Private collection

I developed a pattern for the sea turtle to help teach the basics of working with non wovens.


Crystal Waters, 54x23"



Cattails, 58x83"

Private collection

Angels With Scales, 32x22", Private collection

Temptation Reef, 42" x 40"

Exhibited at Blurred Boundaries, MI , AQS Paducah 2011,

Cold Blooded at the Brush Gallery, MA- private collection

The Kelp Forest, 51x34"

accepted to "West Coast Wonders" 2013

Urchin III 29x28, Prizewinner at the Pinnacle National at the Foster Tanner Gallery in FLA

SeaScape 36x20" 2011, Private collection

Sea Dragon 1&2

Private collection

Squid Vicious 61" x 52"

Exhibited at "Fish Follies" Cordova AK


Swim 4 Me Swim 4 Me Detail

Swim4Me, 64"W x 41"H

Exhibited at "Celebrate Spring", Chicago IL, and "Common Threads", Prescott AZ

Founder's Award winner, MQX, Manchester NH

Annie's Pond Annie's Pond Detail

Annie's Pond, 48"W x 40"H (above and below)

Private collection

Beta Beta Detail

Betta, 49"W x 49"H

Private collection

Fish Lips Fish Lips Detail

Fish Lips, 24"W x 43"H

Private collection. Featured in The Natural World (Lark Press)

Henry Henry Detail
Henry the Octopus, 40.5"W x 36"H, in the collection of Children's Hospital, Orange County, Ca
Limpopo Limpopo Detail
Limpopo Detail

Limpopo, 36"W x 46"H

Cover, Machine Quilting Unlimited magazine

Private collection

Oscar, 20x 18"

Private collection


Nautilus 24x28" at the Foster Tanner Gallery

Anemones, 2012 SAQA benefit auction, private collection

Disco Urchin, 32x37"

Pearl Pearl Detail

Pearl, 58"W x 45"H

Judges' award winner, Quilt Odyssey, Columbia, OH

Pink Fish Pink Fish Detail

Pink Fish, 24"W x 24"H

Exhibited at Blurred Boundaries

Private collection

Pond Life, 76.5"W x 60.5"H
(details at right and below)

Private collection

Pond Detail
Pond Detail Pond Detail
Pond Detail Pond Detail
Puffer Puffer Detail

Puffer Friends, 18"W x 22"H

Private collection

River's Edge River's Edge Detail

River's Edge, 41"W x 34"H

Exhibited in "Articulate Threads", Albuquerque NM and TIQE in Taiwan

Seahorse Seahorse Detail

Seahorse & Frogfish, 23.5"W x 41"H (above and below)

Private collection

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