2017 Art Quilt Legacies

Let There Be Light is one of 3 works that appeared at The Lincoln Center in Ft Collins, Colorado for Art Quilt legacies

Q=A=Q 2015

Interwoven was awarded at the 2015 Q=A+Q in New York

It also appeared in my solo show in Ontario, Canada

Art Quilt: Elements

Organelle was exhibited at Art Quilt: Elements at the Wayne Art Center. It was sold from the show.


Tributary recieved a 2015 purchase award from the city of Chandler

Quilt National ’15

Tribute was Quilt National ’15, and received an award


Echinoderm recieved the Whistler Award at the Whistler House Museum in 2014

and has been sold

Sense of Adventure Cover

Nucleus is on the cover of Sense of Adventure

Welcome to my website! My name is Betty Busby. I am an artist living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I am a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, where I majored in ceramics. After RISD, I founded a ceramic tile manufacturing studio in Los Angeles, ran it for 18 years, and sold it to move to New Mexico. I am happy to say that it is still in business today.

I have been working full-time making fiber art and teaching since 2003.

The Fiber Gallery and Collage Gallery contain full (and some detail) images of my work.