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fiber art: geometric

11 Dots After the Storm
11 Dots , Private collection After the Storm, 58"W x 46"H

Wedding Quilt for Matt & Leanna

private collection

Ant Picnic Aspen Rain

Ants at a Picnic

Private collection

Aspen Rain, 60"W x 35"H

Private collection

Big Bang Big Bang Detail
Big Bang, 70"W x 70"H
Buzz Saw Buzz Saw Detail

Buzz Saw, 54"W x 54"H

from a pattern by Karen Stone

Circle Game 1 Circle Game 2
Circle Game 1 Circle Game 2, 63"W x 63"H
Circle Game 3 Cloud Pillow
Circle Game 3, 66"W x 66"H

Cloud Pillow

Private collection

Colorway Earthweave


On display at Gallery 101 Main, Collinsville, Ct

Earthweave, 67"W x 67"H
Event Horizon Even Horizon Detail

Event Horizon, 49"W x 50"H

Private collection

Falling Dots Flight
Falling Dots, 63"W x 76"H Flight, 60"W x 65"H
Force Field 1 Force Field 1 Text
Force Field 1, 76"W x 76"H
Force Field 2 Force Field 4
Force Field 2 Force Field 4
Force Field 3 Force Field 3 Detail
Force Field 3, 78"W x 78"H
God's Eye Grass

God's Eye, 103"W x 82"H

Private collection

Grass, 72"W x 58"H
Inner Circle Jelly Beans
Inner Circle, 46"W x 57"H

Jelly Bean Anatomy, 73"W x 51"H

Private collection

Metro Squares Nouveau Leaf

Metro Squares

Private collection

Nouveau Leaf

Private collection

New Day

New Day 81x72

Private collection

Golden Weave 43x45

Nova 1 Nova 1 Detail
Nova 1
Nova 2 Ojo Caliente

Nova 2, 65"W x 81"H

Private collection

Ojo Caliente, 65.5"W x 74"H
Old New York Orange Peel

Old New York

Private collection

Orange Peel

from a pattern by Karen Stone, Private collection

Pentaquilt Purple Wave


Private collection

Purple Wave

Private collection

Red Dot Squares J

Red Dot, 69"W x 69"H

Private collection

Metro Squares

Private collection

Red Green Red Green Detail

Red Green, 60"W x 60"H

From a pattern by Karen Stone

String Theory String Theory Detail

String Theory, 50"W x 50"H

Award winner at Threadlines, Mo., Structures in Cloth, Arvada, Co.

Private Collection

Stripes Sun
Stripes, 62"W x 79"H

Arizona Sun

Private collection

Sunset TH Quilt

Masaai Sunset, 74.5"W x 44"H

Private collection

TH Quilt, 40.5"W x 40.5"H

Private collection

Tropical Weave Typhoon
Tropical Weave, 78"W x 66"H Typhoon
X X Detail
Windows War Zone
Windows War Zone, 46"H x 46"W
Shell, 82"W x 82"H

Designed by and made for Joshua Willis- 60x60"

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