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fiber art: faces and vessels

Tribute, now appearing in Quilt National '15


Blood Moon, 35x6x6"

in Cultural Red in the Capitol Rotunda Gallery

IceFall 43x8x8

Ginger Jar, 63x18x16

Awarded at Form Not Function, now in Velocity of Textiles

Divergence, 55x18x18"

Regeneration, 66x16x16"

I'm No Angel

Legacies of Fiber, Colorado

In the Weeds 41x15x21

In Beyond Tradition at the Hubbard Museum

Vessel 1 42x8x8

Legacies of Fiber, Colorado

Snowbound 65x15x15

in Fantastic Fibers at the Yeiser Art Center, KY

Voodoo Lily, 36x15x15

Fantastic Fibers in Paducah KY

Fish Follies 51x8x8

Beyond Tradition at the Hubbard Museum


Regeneration, 66x16x16


In the Garden, 41x18x12

Pinnacle National, Foster-Tanner Gallery, Florida

awarded at Form Not Function at the Carnegie Center





Alpha State, 18x24

for Viewpoints9

Back to the Barn, 24x18

for Viewpoints9

Greenline, 33" x 26"


Behind the Mask, 32"W x 36"H

Behind the Mask

Mr. Bones

Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones, 47"W x 60"H


Skeletor, 47x41

Flor De Muertos 18x24"

Third Eye Third Eye
Third Eye, 43"W x 54"H
Raptro 2
Raptor 2
Raptor 2, 33"W x 49"H
Raptor 3
Raptor 3
Raptor 3
Raptor, 30"W x 35"H Styracosaurus, 56"W x 64"H
Velvet Elvis
Elvis, 39"W x 45"H Velvet Elvis

Momoko, 69x55

In the Festival Gallery of Quilt Art,

Memories of My Childhood


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