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Bamboo, 16" x 20" Bamboo, Detail
Bamboo, 16"W x 20"H
Hawk Moth, 16x20 Hawk Moth, Detail
Hawk Moth, 16"W x 20" H
Jelly, 16x20
Jelly, 16"W x 20"H
Lizard, 20x16 Lizard, Detail
Lizard, 20"W x 16"H
Luna X2 Luna X2, Detail
Luna X2, 16"W x 20"H
Octopus's Garden, 11x14 Octopus's Garden, Detail
Octopus's Garden, 14"W x 11"H
Open Space, 16x20 Open Space, Detail
Open Space, 16"W x 20"H
Sea Life, 16x20 Sea Life, Detail
Sea Life, 20"W x 16"H

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