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fiber art: birds

The Owl and the Pussycats


Private collection

Detail, right-

Tara the Norwegian forest cat.

Piece commissioned by Tara and Smokey's owners.

New Zealand Birds, 51x30"

Appeared at TIQE '16 in Taiwan


Takahe, 12x112" SAQA Benefit Auction '15

collection of Dorothy Raymond

Into the Wind


Exhibited at IQA's Celebrate Spring, Private collection

Mourning Doves, 41x50"

War destroys everything.


Annie's Crow
Annie's Crow
Annie's Crow Annie's Crow, 18"W x 40"H
Magpies Magpies

Magpies, 39"W x 53"H

Appeared in "For the Birds" at the Brush Gallery in Lowell, Mass.

Raven Raven (detail0

Raven, 44"W x 37"H

Collection of Ricky Tims

Owl Owl Detail
Owl, 20"W x 35"H
Papyrus Papyrus Detail
Papyrus Detail

Papyrus, 48.5" W x 43"H

Private collection

Snow Owl Snow Owl Detail
Snow Owl Detail

Snow Owl, 25.5"W x 34.5"H

Private collection

Snowy Landing Snowy Landing Detail
Snowy Landing Detail

Snowy Landing, 38"W x 52"H

Appeard at "It's Wild" at the Los Alamos Library, NM,

and in "Common Threads" at the Prescott College Art Gallery in Az.

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